Eleanor Hoppe


"It's a joy to watch Sarah bring your work to life. Through her boundless knowledge of composition and light, she articulated my vision with such skill and enthusiasm, that I never wanted the shoot to end."

Sherry Yiyang Shi

Assistant Director

"Most DPs are (unfortunately) the arch nemesis of the AD, but I loved every second working with Sarah, and I was genuinely impressed. Not only that she moved fast, she worked smart. She's always thinking on her feet, and whenever I approached her about preparing for the shots that were coming up soon, she already had her teams on it. She cracked her whip when she needed to, and also asked for more time when she had to, because she always knows exactly what to do to make what looks "good" great instead."

Jonathan "JJ" Juntado


"Sarah is a remarkable collaborator. As a cinematographer, her ability to create beautiful images stems from a deep understanding of story and character."